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Fremont Area Veterans Coalition (FAVC) was founded by David Rangeloff, a retired United States Army Veteran (1987 to 2007).  From 2007 to 2017 he worked for the Nebraska Department of Labor.  FAVC was started in 2018.


With twenty years of experience in the United States Army and also with ten years with the Nebraska Department of Labor as a Veterans Employment Coordinator assisting Veterans and their spouses with employment and training.  

As a Veteran of the United States Army, I am so proud of the team around me supporting the FAVC and its mission. 

Fremont Area Veterans Coalition makes handcrafted Veteran Casket Flag Shadow boxes to be presented to family members of a fallen Veterans.  Casket Flag will be inserted into the top left compartment and awards/pictures in the right compartment. 

Board Of Directors

David Rangeloff

Founder and CEO, United States Army Veteran

Pat Harris

United States Army Veteran

Kevin Spect

United States Navy Veteran 

Our Staff

David Rangeloff

Chief Executive Officer

Becky Hass 

Executive Managing Director

Sadee Ulman

Grants Manager

Mikayla Sasse

Employee/Volunteer Engagement Manager

Nick Rogers

Evaluation and Advocacy Manager

Josh Eads

Community Engagement Manager

Tina Avis

Community Program Manager



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